The brother dressed as if a Pikachu fucked his sister

Cece Capella came home drunk. To avoid catching her parents’ eye, the girl went to her room. There, she accidentally found her old favorite toy Pikachu and remembered how much she loved to play with him as a child. Touching the toy, the girl suddenly hardened her nipples and began to play in Pikachu in an adult way. Cece Capella kissed and licked his yellow pussy, and then imagined Pikachu licks her nipples, and then completely dropped the toy down to her purple panties. Stroking his vagina Pikachu, Cece Capella gradually moved to massage her pussy. The girl did not know that at this time, her brother was spying on how she treated Pikach and got an idea. As soon as the girl fell asleep, the brother put on Pikachu’s suit and made his way to her room. Having woken up Cece Capella was delighted with such a surprise, because now she could really satisfy Pikachu. After the sister sucked his peak-penis, the brother licked her swollen excitement pussy, and then began to fuck his drunk sister. Not realizing that she was having sex with her own brother, Cece Capella was taking the penis of a guy and even letting him cum in himself, because Pikachu was her best friend, and for her best friend she did not feel sorry for her own hole either.


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