The bloke gently fucked his slutty blonde girlfriend

The boy was very proud of his sexy as hell girlfriend. Her gorgeous body was the envy of other girls and the lust object for all his friends. He spared no expense to make sure his sexy goddess was happy and wanted stay with him forever and ever. That’s why on that day the guy bought to his girlfriend a gift – sexy lingerie. He knew that his hot girl would appreciate the gift and would reward him in a way he liked the best. And he was right: as soon as he gave his girlfriend the lace lingerie she got so happy and wanted to try it on straight away. But the naughty boy couldn’t wait. They quickly undressed and he put his dick into her mouth to suck it gently. The guy’s fingers went down to her wet pussy and for a while they stood there touching and caressing each other’s private body parts. In a while he took her on a bed to put his tongue into her pussy pushing it in and out of her hole as if he was fucking her pussy with it. They took turns to lick and suck each other for ages unless the boyfriend put his dick into her soaking wet pussy and started fucking his beauty in hundreds of different positions making her moan and scream like crazy. As a result, the blonde opened her mouth to let the sperm spray freely all over her face.


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