The black sexy witch gave herself to a white bloke

The sexy black girl went to an exotic resort. She had a drop dead gorgeous body, and her mouth-watering curves and humps drove all men crazy making them look back at her when she walked down the street. One day she walked in her revealing bikini when she suddenly felt horny as hell. Instead of going to her room, the naughty girl found a quiet place to play with her body. Her oily, covered with a sun block body was shining in the sun making her look even more sexy and hot. The black chic sat on the edge of a swimming pool, pulled her bikini bra up and started caressing her big breasts. Then she moved on to her sexy bum and, finally, she lay down to play with her already wet pussy, not giving a crap about people that could probably see her. After a while the insatiable black beauty changed her mind and decided to stop playing with herself and go to one of her recent acquaintances whom she met on a beach a few days ago – a white hot guy with a muscular body. The naughty girl didn’t even think about starting a conversation with him when she entered his room and found him lying on a bed. She quickly came up to him, unbuttoned his pants, and started passionately sucking his huge dick. The white bloke was happy of this unexpected meeting. He took her and threw onto the bed where he thrust his dick into her pussy and fucked her hard for a long time.


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