The beauties were fucked by driver on the desert road

The young girls Dillion Harper and Karlee Grey had long been saving money and then they were finally able to indulge in smart shopping: they have pleased themselves with an expensive sports car and then decided to test it. When they went on the desert road, the car suddenly stalled and the baby was left in the desert all alone. They did not know what to do in this situation, but their happiness she saw the guy, who was driving past them in the tow truck who decided to rescue the beauties. The guy quickly figured out the breakdown, and the grateful girls decided to thank the guy for helping. They believed that sex is the best thanks for this hard – working man and she decided to surrender to him right on the hood of his sports car. The driver never expected this, but was delighted by this unexpected gift and gladly agreed to fuck two sexy Babes. The guy quickly undressed each of them and allowing to enjoy his strong dick guy took turns fucking every of the beauties. The baby was grateful to this boy and happy to do anything asked the stranger. Guys had not been long time not so fun, because they didn’t know what they are waiting for group sex which was very good.


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