The bartender fucked delicious blonde in his bar

Delicious blonde Alexa Grace was going to relax a bit after work and came in the first bar. To her enormous surprise the room was absolutely empty, only the bartender was bored at his workplace. The pretty woman was very bored and wanted someone to speak to. She sat closer to the bar and started a conversation with the bartender. She told him that she was very tired at work and her feet hurt. A good guy offered to massage feet fair-haired girl, because the bar was empty and he was tired, bored behind the bar. Baby and could not think that the boy would start to lick her feet. The girl thought this was very unusual, but enjoyed it very much and she was very excited, then the guy put her on the counter and got his tongue right girl between her legs. The girl was unable to resist the charm of this skilled bartender, which helped her to relax and continued to satisfy her with his tongue. The boy carefully licked shaved pussy of the blonde, then pulled out his strong dick and asked the girl to take it in her mouth. The girl took the penis in her mouth and decided to show him what she can do with her tongue. She began to skillfully handle her jaws, and then the man, his hard dick went into the pussy of the girl and began gently fuck this appetizing baby. The empty bar was in possession of this guy because none of the visitors was not and the guy could fuck a baby in any place of the bar, which he wanted.


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