Sweet girl Avi had succumbed to her grandpa’s buddy

Hot little baby named Avi Love came to meet her grandpa, decided to help him cleaning the house and did it only in shirt and panties. It was nice watching her young perfect figure, so the old guy didn’t mind such outfit. This day, his buddy came to him, this boy was quite young but, interestingly, he spent time with him gladly. Our boy liked to play pool with him; but today everything was as usual, except one – our young lady decided to join them. Pretty can’t play pool, so, a lad decided to train this prettiest girl. At that time grandpa had some deals to do and walked away for a while; but he couldn’t even think this fella can do such dirty things with his grandbaby. It didn’t take much time for pretty to seduce the boy; she pulled out his hard dick and begin to give him a blowjob. After a fellatio he took off her panties and went inside in the hairy pussy. Little babe was moaning a lot and was not afraid of the fact that her grandpa can hear it. This hot boy shagged her in very different poses right on a pool table, so when grandpa came our boy was finishing on her face.


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