Sucking musician thanked first fan with sex in the park

A beautiful musician named Janice Griffith wanted to practice playing the guitar in the park early in the morning because soon she would have a concert in the college. The girl did it well and her music allured a nice boy, who immediately wanted to fuck the pretty Janice. He tempted Janice – just walked over and began to kiss the girl, touching her boobs. Janice went on the offensive and made it clear that she will not go away from this park without sex: the girl did a first-class blowjob, gave the guy to put herself on his wand. He stood there motionless for a while letting that throbbing cunt interior fully message his dick head. Nut if his cock was at rest his head was not as he bobbed repeatedly from one tit to the other, biting those hard nipples with a passion. During sex, the baby was bending like a professional gymnast on the bench– it gave the guy even more satisfaction since his cockhead was very sensitive. She could groan and groan as the waves of pleasure cocked the girl’s body back and forth. The girl screamed in all her throat giving all those around her to understand that a real male who could satisfy such tigresses as Janice Griffith fucked her.


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