Stringent boss does his secretary’s a butt

Juicy secretary Kate England has already been working for a few weeks now for her new boss. He’s a stringent manager, but the babe knows how to handle a male boss. Sadly, the boss does not seem at all to be interested in giving her a promotion, or a good time for that matter. The blonde decided to take the situation under control, so she needed take the boss’s dick first. So, one night she takes a time over exactly when no one’s around, beside the boss. The time felt right for her, so she put on her best lingerie, brushed herself up, and otherwise was more than prepared. The long workday ends and Kate steps up for a private chat with the manager. She started gradually, but she was steadily moving toward the goal. Little did the man could do against her charm, so he surrendered easily? He took her and in a moment after that, blonde Kate England surrendered her bottom to the boss. She has never done that before, but after a short while she started to feel surprisingly good. The hottie could not think that the boss, so stringent and disciplined, would do that to her. The boss moved like a real professional. She liked it even more with each minute. Eventually, both tired but satisfied with the exceptional performance of each other, they took a rest. The boss took the girl’s rear virginity, and she was happy about it. Who knows, maybe the desire for promotion was just an excuse for a stronger desire.


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