Stepfather punished his little sweet-tooth daughter

Young dirty girl Lucy Doll was very fond of sweets but her new stepfather didn’t allow her to eat candies. He said that sweets were the main reason of overweight. One little secret: he liked sweets too but his sweets were between young gams of his stepdaughter… One day before the school Lucy wanted something sweet very badly, so he came to the kitchen and got candies from the cupboard. At that moment her stepfather came to the kitchen too and saw that little girl was eating sweet stuff. He became angry and decided to punish the sweet-tooth. He forced her to spit sweeties. The girl apologized but he was uncompromising. He lifted girl’s school skirt and spanked her ass. After it he took pity on poor girl and offered his candy cock from his jeans. The girl took his cock in her mouth with joy, because he loves sucking something sweet. Then her stepfather bended girl to the kitchen table and kissed her little pussy. After that he put in his sweet cock into girl’s hole and fucked his stepdaughter. The babe moaned with pleasure when he fucked her. She was very obedient and she has never broken the rules, so her daddy can enjoy her body without any problems.


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