Shy blind guy saves a sexy super heroine

Michael dreamed of turning his city into a better place. He was very modest and blind. But he had a secret – his strength was increased at night and Michael said to see the criminals. To help his city, the guy came up with a suit and patrolled the streets at night. One day he invited his sexy work colleague, but she denied Michael. The girl did not know that under the glasses there was a real London Knight. Therefore, the guy again put on his suit and went to save defenseless people from the tricks of villains. At the docks Michael saw how two people in red robes captured a sexy blonde super heroine. Climbing the building of the old fight club of London Knight hid and watched as the enemies wanted to bring beauty to the victim. Michael prevented harming such a beauty and helped the superhero to deal with enemies. After the fight, the blonde recognized in her savior her bespectacled colleague and decided to thank him right in the ring. Taking those big tits from her super suit, the blind guy did not become modest and just dissolved in them, licking the girl with his tongue. Then the super heroine took out Michael’s penis and asked to fuck her in the mouth. After a blowjob, the blonde scrambled onto his riser and began to move her hips, leading herself to ecstasy. Fucking the beauty from the behind and on the railing of the ring, the guy once again got the vagina served on the floor and cummed to the girl’s mouth. Since then the beauty did not consider Michael a failure.


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