Sherry Kiss casts back her mind to the savage sex

A young beauty named Sherry Kiss sat at the balcony and wrote down memories of her crazy adventures with a bespectacled old man who knew how to use his tongue. But besides the skilful language, the man had a rather strong penis, on which a long-haired blonde loved to frolic. That old man was her new boyfriend. He was rich and fully provided with Sherry Kiss, the beauty only paid him for it with his body and passion. The man fucked the baby no worse than the young guys, making her moan. He could pull on her tanned young body for hours, but most of all he liked when the beauty jumped herself from above, so that his bacon bazooka could get into her whore slit completely or when she licked his anal hole and thrust a finger there. To give his old man an end, Sherry Kiss did him a blowjob and in parallel thrust his finger deep into the butt. Having received a charge of sperm in the face, the beauty licked his seed and distributed the old man’s penis.


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