Sexy Lucy Li satisfies herself in the corner

Long-haired Lucy Li was alone at home and in a bad mood. She left alone: ??the other day her boyfriend, with whom she had been seeing for several years, dumped her for her neighbor. Lucy was a decent girl that was why discos and meetings for one night were not her cup of tea: she could not just go and give herself to the first person on the line. Nevertheless, the desire to feel the plump dick inside her cunt became more and more every hour. Charter to endure, fluffy baby decided to satisfy herself. Undressing under a quiet music, the girl was quickly excited, that gives her an occasion to continue her caresses. Stroking his little clit standing, the heavy beauty babbled languidly, imagining her fucked by her former young man. The girl’s vagina swelled from such thoughts and flowed, which allowed Lucy’s fingers to slide even faster. Kneeling in the corner of the room, the girl actively stroked her pussy, bending her back and wagging her hips as if Lucy was really fucked by a male. Soon, a relaxed baby quickly gets a long-awaited orgasm, which she has been dreaming of for several weeks. Smiling girl pulled on her wet pussy leggings and as if nothing had happened and went to drink coffee.


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