Sexy cook was fucked in a live television broadcast

Madison Ivy loved to cook delicious food and have sex most of all in her life. She led a morning talk show, where she taught housewives to cook properly and look sexy at the same time. The girl knew that her transmission was a huge success, because it was seen not only by women, but also by men who were horny seeing her short gown and big boobs. When cooking meat, the girl became so hot that she unbuttoned her form and showed her silicone tits, which she poured with oil. It was during the break. Suddenly, the baby decided to have some fun and began to pester the operator, allowing him to touch his pussy. Producer and part-time her husband could not say anything to the girl because Madison was the main star and could do whatever she wanted. The excited operator could not believe that the star was ready to surrender to him, and began to lick Madison’s tits quickly, until the girl changed her mind. After passionate kisses, the guy fucked her with his big cock right on the kitchen table But no one thought that they had not come out for advertising, and that the little girl right in front of the cameras fucked with the operator on the air right away to the whole world, which gave her even greater popularity.


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