Sexy bossy mistress punishes her petite housemaid

The hostess decided to teach a careless young servant for not properly cleaning. The maid had not really listened to the mistress’s remarks. Therefore, the blonde put on a latex suit and decided to teach the lesson to that girl with her instruments, so she would remember him once and for all. The hostess tied the servant and put her on the floor. Then, she drew back the servant’s skirt – there she saw something damn hot that made her angrier. It turned out that the girl at the device did not wear panties. The woman immediately realized that she was planning to seduce her husband, so she wanted to hear her cry. She beat her on her fat ass, not paying attention to the mourning apologies. Having spanked the girl with her hand and a leather braid, she pushed her on the couch and bound her movements, tied her legs to her hands. Fixing the girl’s ass, the mistress decided to fuck her, so that she would not later climb onto her husband. At first, she massaged her pussy with a vibrator, pressing her clitoris, fingering her hole with the whole arm. Then, the woman dragged the girl to the floor and got her poor asshole straponed doggystyle. Finished with that, the hostess decided to see how the girl sucking a strapon. Taking the largest one, the mistress pushed him in that fucking. The girl could not scream because of the vibrator in her mouth, but she certainly liked it. After moaning with pain and reaching nice anal orgasm, the servant went down on the mistress at her request. She ate that soaking wet pussy with passion and made her mistress reach climax.


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