Sexual girl seduced a guard sitting in jail

Sexual girl whose name is Elizabeth Jolie first time was in prison, she got arrested for theft and now babe forced to sit behind bars for some days because she resisted arrest and even tried to escape. She was alone in her cell and only one guard sometimes came to check on her. This girl really wanted man’s attention and hard dick, therefore decided to seduce her guard. She acted very exciting and started removing her clothes in front of the curly guy. Guard was an amateur and thought that if he fucks his inmate nothing happens to him, so he succumbed to lady’s provocation and started licking her pretty pussy. After this, beautiful girl pulled boy’s dick out his jeans and started sucking his hard strong penis being in prison. However, to fuck this way was not so comfortable, therefore fella came to her cell and continued fucking sexual hot babe right in cell. Elizabeth was happy to fuck with somebody, he has been living without sex for days and she could not wait this long. Guard turned to be very good lover and properly fucked naughty babe. After what, he finished up just on sweetie girl’s face.


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