Sex of a loving couple in pouring rain

A young girl married a guy. They were happy and received from their parents a country house as a gift where they spent every weekend. One morning the girl arranged a romantic breakfast in the courtyard. The girl was carried away by her husband and after a few kisses she wildly wanted sex, and distracted her husband from breakfast by offering a delicate body instead of omelet. At that moment, a pouring rain began and the couple seemed to be a good idea to engage in passionate sex right on the porch. The little girl on the girl was so wet that her nipples were visible. White thong pierced her big ass, which undoubtedly attracted the guy. Laying his new wife on the table, the man lifted that jersey and began to lick the girl’s nipples slowly, stroking the hip with his hand and lowering the lips down to her pussy. Spreading the legs of the bride, the man shoved his mischievous tongue directly into her vagina, caressing the neat clitoris. Taking out a member of the guy drove him into the crotch of the brunette very gently. To the sound of the rain falling, the little girl groaned and bent from the excess of orgasms, because she had not received such a buzz from sex a long time ago.


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