Romantic date in bed with gentle fuck

Gina Valentina rested in the garden when suddenly her beloved Damon appeared with a large bouquet of roses. The girl took beautiful flowers and asked the guy to go into the house and take on something more comfortable. Today was their anniversary and Gina Valentina decided to arrange for Damon a romantic date in bed. The pretty woman changed into a beautiful blue negligee, lit scented candles and began to make the guy an erotic massage. She neatly put on his body little smeared it with his tits. A completely naked girl was sitting with her pussy on the guy’s ass, so he tried to put his hand into her warm cunt. Turning over the guy, she continued to wipe, but now on Damon’s riser, and then popped on his penis smoothly. The man liked the surprise very much and gave his girlfriend a chance to fuck him smoothly. After that, he thanked the girl with a gentle cunnilingus. When he cummed once, Damon was not going to stop and continued to fuck the beauty from the side, roughly thrusting his penis into the fucking vagina. The girl was not used to such sex and therefore felt great pleasure when he dirty fucked her. Having finished on her pubis, the couple decided to rest.


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