Robber running away from landlord and fucked daughter

The young man decided to rob one of the houses, but didn’t think that landlord could have a gun. What remains now is to run away from the armed old person who wants to shoot him. Trying to hide, he went to daughter’s bedroom who in that moment was masturbating her young and rosy pussy by watching a good porn. The boy started begging her for not telling anything to her father because he really feared for his life. Babe did it the way he told her and didn’t turn him in only for one reason – she wanted to fuck with a stranger and it was the perfect moment to do this. The Beautiful girl pulled out his hard penis and started sucking it, after what she spread her legs and invited him to lick young rosy pussy. Obedient boy did everything whatever young naughty babe wants because his life and health depends on it. Beautiful girl had a good time with this hot guy but she couldn’t just let robber go, so she called her father who immediately came to her bedroom and after seeing such view pointed his gun at him.


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