Red-haired girl seduced and fucked a married man

Man arrived on holiday with his wife in the good hostel. There was common kitchen. Therefore, all neighbors could meet each other in the kitchen. Early in the morning man decided to drink a cup of coffee. He went in the kitchen and he met there beautiful red-haired girl in sexual short shorts. This girl vas a queen of sex. She loved it more then everything in the world and she was a traveler. Our beauty stayed in different hostels and seduced different men there. Married gay couldn’t resist the spell of red-haired beauty. Man right in the kitchen pulled off his pants and stuck his dick into the mouth off the fiery girl. But before it our man properly played with girl’s sweet pussy using his fingers. After it man made fantastic kuni for our red-haired pervert girl. They had wild perverted sex right in the common kitchen. They even didn’t think about macho’s wife who slept in their room and could enter kitchen at any time. They had sex for nearly an hour. At the end man ejaculated on red-haired stomach. They both were happy. Red-haired pervert girl had sex earlier than every time. And man hadn’t so hot sex in so many positions for long time. So, it was fantastic experiment for them.


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