Raylin Ann runs away from her annoying father

Raylin Ann with his father went for a short trip to San Diego for a weekend. They stopped in a beautiful complex with a large swimming pool. In the next hotel room, a truly handsome black stylish man stopped, whom the girl immediately noticed. He was the only one about whom Raylin Ann was thinking. Raylin Ann was trying to impress him with her candid white swimsuit when she went to the pool. But the girl’s father stopped her because he believed that this daughter should not appear indecently in public. Raylin Ann was fed up with his constant care, because she did not remain without the observation of her father, even for a couple of hours. But the girl had an idea. She turned sick and my father went to the city to buy her medicine. As soon as her father left, the girl knocked at the neighbour’s door, who immediately guessed the set-off she had come. Grabbing the black guy for the balls, the girl kissed him. Then the guy dropped it down and Raylin Ann began to swallow his hose. After a good suction, the man planted a white girl on his penis, which was a decent size. The guy rammed the whore the way she wanted it.


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