Pretty schoolgirl became a sex slave of a wealthy man

Appetizing high school student Aurora Belle decided to earn money quickly, but she didn’t even think that she would get into unbelievable adventure. She got to the real pervert who decided in every possible way scoff at her. The man offered a good sum of money for a girl for being his sex slave for a day. Our beautiful Aurora agreed, she wanted to buy new iPhone, but she hadn’t enough money for it. After they made a deal, a man tied her hands and put her into the dark wardrobe. After a while, he returned and put the girl on the chain. He tied his pretty slave to the wooden beam. Than he began to lick her sweet pussy. After it the man put sweet Aurora on knees, took out his huge and hard dick, and put it in her small mouth. The girl became a good slave; she submissively satisfied all master’s commands. During the play, she thought only about good remuneration for her obedience. After the blow job master put off girl white underpants and put into her mouth. After it, man put his slave girl cancer ad fucked as hard as he wanted. He fucked his beautiful toy in app positions he knew. When he was satisfied, he ejaculated on her pretty face. Girl thought she became free, but she was mistaken. Master returned her to the wardrobe and went away.


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