Nicole comes to driver to take revenge on love-rat

Rolling on a brand-new car a guy from noticed afar a sexy girl with huge tits. Judging by the suitcase, the girl was hurrying somewhere. When the man drove closer, Nicole Bexley took him for a taxi driver. The guy could not refuse such a beautiful and bright girl, because at that moment his cock literally jumped out of his pants. When the girl got into the car, the guy found out that the girl ran away from the house of her ex-boyfriend, whom she caught by having sex with another girl. Nicole Bexley was very excited and wanted to take revenge on the former for treason. The girl had another 2 hours before the flight and so she offered to fuck the driver and after that to take her to the airport. The confused guy could not believe his luck. Parked in the bushes, the guy moved to the back seat to the already stripped busty Nicole Bexley. Seeing the guy standing over his pants, the girl took out a standing cock and began to suck it off. After a great blowjob guy wanted to take her in doggy style. Squatting on the long penis of the white driver, the tanned slut squealed with pleasure. Her tight vagina could hardly accept the fat penis of a man, but the girl tried. Realizing that the guy needs to act independently, he spread her legs and started fucking her slim vagina, then finished on the pretty face of Nicole Bexley.


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