Nicole Aniston fucks with her lover on the couch

Pretty Nicole Aniston finally met a guy of her dreams: for a week, he appeased the needs of a blonde, stuffing the girl with his mixture of sperm and sweat. Usually Nicole Aniston called the guy and invited him to meet all her sexual whims, because the girl had a lot of guys of that kind and she would not want her fuckbuddies to meet by accident. At that time, the man decided to arrange a surprise for the girl and came to her without warning. When he crept to Nicole Aniston from behind, the blonde was reading a love story, imagining how his main character fucked a maid fiercely. She did not expect to see the guy and hardly remembered his name. Nevertheless, the girl was very happy that a penis himself dropped in to her on the holiday. She pictured herself as the same maid from her novel, who gave herself over the owner. First, the guy took out the girl’s tits and began to play with them, then pulled off the blonde panties and gently entered her shaved pussy. Then the guy pulled a blonde beauty, fucking smart Nicole without haste. After fifteen minutes of good sex, he once again smeared the vagina of a sexy baby with his semen. The girl was completely satisfied that time, although the sex lasted not so long.


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