Nice prison guard has sex with two girls

Cute convicts Elsa Jean and Riley Reid were in the prison for swindle, the girls had to stay there for one more year but the girls already couldn’t imagine how to satisfy their sexual needs. Because of their permanent violations, the strict guard handcuffed the girls. But they were so excited that even in this hopeless situation, the beautiful girls decided to rub their pussy on the corner of the bed and get an orgasm, the desire for sex in girls was just crazy. Little babies wanted to please each other and started licking each other’s tender pussies but they were found by the young guard, who quickly stopped this violation. The guard thought that he could use the position of the girls, he took out his sturdy dick and began to shove it right into the mouths of young bitches. The beauties were very glad because their guard decided to fuck them, and with great pleasure, they began to suck his cock. After the blowjob, the guy began to fuck young sluts, because the girls were just shocked with his big hard dick. The guy was fucking each of the girls in a variety of positions, after that he finished babes right in their mouths.


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