New horseman cops off with a farmer’s daughter

A guy got a new job on the next farm. His duties included cleaning up horses, feeding animals, cleaning up in the stables. Only a modest kid had no work experience at all, so his boss advised him to take a camera with him to record everything that a farmer’s daughter would say and show. The guy was surprised to learn that she was such a beautiful girl – Kat Dior – and not just a girl, but a real rural beauty with long legs and big tits. Arriving at the stables, the guy first asked questions about horses and cleaning and wrote down the answers of Kat Dior, and then followed her. Entering the next stall, the girl bared the breasts and began to fuss her pussy. Hiding, the guy took pictures on the camera as a baby stroked her clitoris and touched the hard nipples. Summing up to an excited girl after her entertainment, the guy offered her the services of his penis. After leaving the street, the new groom gave this dirty bitch what she wanted – her long thick cock. Hungry pussy Kat Dior was happy to feel the guy’s penis and therefore allowed the mistress to finish sitting on the guy. Licking the boy’s eggs, the blonde thanked him with a deep blowjob.


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