Naughty nanny lured and shagged her boss

The sexual pretty babe whose name is Malina Mars has only been on the job for few months as a nanny from one guy; she looked after his little daughter when he was not at home. This time, after she received her salary, she decided not to go home but to follow the fella, because she liked him and wanted to fuck him. He stripped to the waist and lay himself to take a little nap; girl spotted that his dick fell out his trousers and its size impressed her much. She snuck up to the sleeping boss and started masturbating his hard penis, at that moment; boss woke up and was shocked that young nanny who babysits his daughter a while ago touched his dick. However, this stubborn lady made it very clear that he will not leave him until he gets a good sex and started removing her clothes in front of him. Boy, of course, could not stand the dark-haired beautiful woman and agreed to have fun with this naughty bitch. The girl got down to suck boy’s big dick and did it very professionally and tenderly; after blowing job she put his hard dick in her rosy naughty pussy and started bouncing on it. Hot fella fucked this dirty nanny in very different poses and then he finished up just in her mouth.


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