Mom and stepson celebrating a purchase with dirty bang

A mature woman with big tits was returning from the agency full of beans. She just bought a universal car and decided to share the news with her adult stepson. He really did not like the car, he hoped that his mother would buy something cooler so that he could drive to his college. He worried that all the girls would refuse to have sex with him. Then mother invited him to practice how to pick up pussies. The guy imagined that his stepmother was a girl from his college, which he was driving home. His mom’s game was so realistic that he stopped at parking to continue a date as he usually did. Mom agreed. Without leaving the car, the guy bared his big stiff dick, so that the woman immediately took it in her mouth. It seemed to her that his penis was larger than that of his father. She realized this only when, having got her big boobs out of the top, she sat on him. After leaving the car, she let him put the cock inside her pot. The whore felt a switch from pleasure to infinite pleasure: fucking with her husband’s son was like fucking with some big powerful and hairy bear. This couple had a sweet fuck everywhere: inside the car, next to it, on its hood and on the automobile roof. In order that his father would not find any traces, the guy finished on his stepmother face.


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