Michelle loved learning how to play basketball

Michelle Martinez was fed up and went for a walk in the park to dispel boredom. Passing by the playground, the girl noticed how three pumped sweaty blacks played basketball under the hot sun. The way the sweat ran down on their bodies excited the beauty and Michelle Martinez decided to come closer. Going out on the playground, the brunette asked to play with the guys. They were not against showing such a tiny ass some basketball tricks, adjusting their dicks through shorts to the girl’s ass and molesting her. After an interesting game, the guys invited Michelle to go with them. This enthusiastic girl agreed because she thought that they could continue teaching her playing. Arriving home, the guys immediately put Michelle Martinez on the sofa, walled her and began to undress. The girl knew what she wanted and immediately put out the penis of one guy and take it in her mouth, while the others undressed and joined the couple, touching her pussy. On her knees, black penises from all sides surrounded the girl. Then one of the black guys set Michelle Martinez on his long penis. While the girl was holding the other two penises and massaging them. The next guy fucked a young beauty in the ass, then and in the pussy. Holes were not created for penises of this size, so Michelle Martinez groaned at the same time with pain and pleasure. The training ended with cumshot on the tits of a brunette.


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