Mia with the realtor coaxed her husband to buy a house

Spouse Mia Malkova and Johnny Castle were looking for a new apartment. As an agent, they got a professional Harley Jade, who drove a couple of very expensive options. The girl really liked the house in cold colours, but her husband was against it. While Johnny Castle was pondering the decision to purchase this house, Mia Malkova consulted with the agent. The girl did not want to lose this perfect house and therefore asked Harley Jade to help her convince her husband because the sale of the house was in her interests too. Mia Malkova knew what buttons she could press and therefore started kissing Harley Jade. After that, the guy seemed to feel more comfortable in that place the girls decided to continue so that the guy no longer doubted. Johnny Castle joined the kissing slut and removed his pants to Harley Jade sucked him. While she licked the boy’s eggs, his wife pulled her skirt up and slurped out a pussy of a realtor. After that, the couple began to fuck directly on the new bed, while Mia Malkova did not get an orgasm. Swapping places, the girl sat her fucked vagina on the face of Harley Jade, while Johnny Castle fucked a realtor. After the hot vaginas of the girls, the man no longer seemed that house alien and cold and he agreed to buy it.


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