Mia Khalifa tries to knock down good assessment

Indolent student Khalifa played hooky for whole year that was why she was invited to a director for a talk. Anyway, the girl had already found how to make amends to that lustful old man, and so she put on her most sexy clothes to emphasize all her dignity. Unfortunately, the director was not there, but the baby met his assistant. Seeing huge tits of a young beauty, the man decided to be a gentleman and offer his help. The guy understood why this half-naked, stupid student came. The man promised to do everything possible so that Mia would be released that year with good marks, because he said he was a friend of the director. The girl believed that stranger and showed big tits, immediately attacked his cock. The guy did not expect such a quickness from the sissy beauty, but happily began to lick the huge nipples of an Indian beauty and touch her pussy. Putting his fingers in her panties, he greedily caressed her clitoris, until he managed to put his penis into Mia’s mouth. After the miner, guy seated the busty girl on his little stick right in the director’s favorite white chair. The girl was jumping with her wet pussy on his penis, trying to work out her grades for the school year. The guy brutally fucked Mia in the office of his boss and launched a stream of acid sperm directly into the beauty‚Äôs mouth. If the Mia knew that she was fucking with an ordinary cleaner, the girl would never forgive herself, but at that moment, babe thought that she had a good assessment.


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