Men decided to fuck girlfriends on the hood of the car

Two beautiful girls wanted to do something crazy. They loved sex and had a dream of sex with handsome men in unusual place. They asked their boyfriends about such an adventure for a long time. But boys thought that it was a bad idea, they didn’t want to take their girls to the nature for having sex. But one-day boys changed their position. They took their girlfriends on a car trip. During the trip girls talked only about sex. They did everything to seduce their boyfriends. Handsome boys were more cunning then their girls. They arrived to the special place without any person and bedding of bedding near the car. At first girls couldn’t understand what boys wanted from them. But our sexual boys made these cute babies to do a blow job for them right near the car. Girls made everything maximally skillfully. That’s why boys decided to play for some time with sweet pussies before fucking. But then our gays put their girlfriends on bedding and began to fuck in different positions. They understood that they were so far from civilization to have opportunity to do with girls everything they want. That’s why boys fucked cute babies hard, then put them on knees and ejaculated on their faces.


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