Madam bind and fucked her own slave

Young babe didn’t even think about that she ever will be in sex-slavery when took the babysitter job in a very decent family. All seems to be perfect. The main family person was hot blonde dominant lady who has captured our young babe. Blonde madam promised to let her off after she fuck her little ass with her own dildo. Bind babe couldn’t do anything but agreed with madam and accepted all madam’s taunts for the freedom. Rude and dominant lady, firstly, groped her sweet, juicy booty and moistening it thereby bringing some pleasure to our babe. Then she pulled out just unreal pink artificial dildo and started moving it near her ass. After a while, madam turned babe over and started putting great dildo in her pretty ass. Baby was screaming out of pain or with pleasure, we will never know. With tights in her mouth and bind arms and feet, our girl couldn’t do anything but trying to enjoy such a specific sex. Eventually, our young babe was fucked very hard in her pretty ass with a big and volume artificial dick and even during such a sex, our pretty had been able to enjoy the process and, we guess, fall in love with BDSM.


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