Lucy Doll break Stella Cox’s leg on the sofa in flat

Depraved Lucy Doll invited her neighbour Stella Cox in stockings for an entertaining lesbian sex. The guest had never practised that and therefore was shy and modest, unlike the hostess. Conducting a modest girl on the second floor in the bedroom, Lucy Doll put her on the couch and began kissing. Having removed from the sweetheart a bra, the girl licked her nipples to remove stiffness. Soon she was able to do it and Stella Cox herself began to paw her neighbour’s breasts frankly, twitching her nipples. A couple of minutes the neighbour took off her panties and threw her leg on the back of the couch so that Lucy Doll could dive into her tuna town. Licking the hot vagina, the brunette herself got turned on because of the how tasty that the sugar basin was. Turning her friend on her back, she continued to lick Stella Cox’s pussy, but at the same time, she began to jolt her finger. When the girl was ready, Lucy Doll took out her dildo and began pushing it into the unopened vagina of the blonde, while she put the Hot Tamaki Walk to her lips. Then excited Stella Cox for the first time tried another’s vagina on taste. The girl quickly learned how to push the tongue at the correct points and soon almost brought the neighbour to orgasm. After picking up a dildo from Lucy Doll, Stella Cox started fucking her with his help. The depraved girls managed to satisfy each other’s sexual needs and they decided not to stop their lesbian experiments at that.


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