Lucie mashed a pool cleaner for a gym membership

Charming Lucie Wilde with huge milking boobs loved to sit by the pool in the summer. But her big tits are always attractive to men of all ages, especially the perverted old men, who simply trudged from her sweet face. Because of this, the girl had to come to the pool early, while no one was around. Most recently, this club has a new pool cleaner, with whom the girl is still. Not fucked. The fact is that the subscription to this pool was very expensive, and sex with a former cleaner always helped a young beauty to go there free. Learning that Her lover will no longer work there, Lucie Wilde decided not to waste time and make a new useful acquaintance. Calling the young man to him, Lucie Wilde immediately allowed him to touch her huge tits, while she herself took the unsymmetrical penis of a youngster into her mouth. Showing his tits guy, the pool cleaner has decided to clean her pussy with her tongue before penetrating this dirty hole. After settling himself to the heavy caress from behind, the guy began to pound her pussy, enjoying the way her huge buffers shook. After a good morning fuck, he finished right on the tits of Lucie Wilde, which meant his consent to give the whore a membership.


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