Lola enticed from the path of virtue his young teacher

Lola Foxx came to her teacher after lessons to give him her homework. The girl wanted to fuck a young professor all her years, but that day she came to know about his marriage. Lola was upset but she decided to let no grass grow under feet and made it clear that she wanted to fuck him. She deliberately dropped the folder with a proven job on the floor to show the teacher his pointed ass in short shorts. After a short awkwardness, the guy just attacked the girl and began to kiss Lola gently, but then he changed his mind. But the girl was already aroused and she attacked him. When the baby was on her knees to make a blowjob, the new wife entered the room. Babe had to hide under the table. The professor’s wife did not notice that and went to the street. At that time, the man had already changed his mind and wanted to get rid of the sexual student, but Lola’s hair was stuck in his pants zipper. As luck would have it, his wife returned at that moment. She was shocked by what she saw and just threw an engagement ring into her ex-husband. After that, he just attacked a young attractive student, because he had nothing to keep from treason. He put the longhaired baby on his knees and got an excellent blowjob. After eating Lola’s young pussy, he fucked Lola in different poses without leaving the teacher’s office and made crumbs scream with pleasure, and he could deliver it.


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