Kate Alton made horns with her colored lover

Bound Kate Alton lay on the bed in stockings, when suddenly a steep black man with glasses came up to her. He was so brutal that even his voice forced the girl to become wet. It turned out that he was not her husband Steve, but just a man who sometimes comes to fuck Kate Alton as a whore. Calling a male daddy, the girl succumbed to each of his actions. Immediately after the brunette licked his finger, he shoved it into her hole. While the black man took out his yoghurt-spitting sausage, the baby stood with an open mouth. Sniffing that black thick cock, the baby began to suck it. Removing the bandage from the eyes of the girl, the man began to thrust his gigantic amazing kicky wick into the little wizard’s sleeve of a young whore, pushing it entirely into her hole. The girl was glad that her husband would get an extended, fucked up vagina in the evening because he did not know how to satisfy her. With his gigantic dragon, the man literally turned Kate Alton’s vagina out, causing her to cum with loud screams, and he finished right on her clitoris.


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