Katana jumped on Deadshot’s dick being caged

Katana and Deadshot were trapped – their enemy frozen the only door in the room. They knew that no one could help them. Contacting his assistant, who prompted her to relax and do business with Deadshot. Leaving the sword aside, the girl went to the black Deadshot and began to kiss him. From the surprise of the superhero, the penis in his pants pulsed and he wildly wanted to shake the Japanese woman. Pressing her to the table, Deadshot licked her nipples, after which Katana knelt and took in her mouth a huge black sword. When Katana climbed up on the table, the superhero began to thrust his penis into her narrow Japanese girl’s pussy, tearing it with her power. The baby screamed loudly with a pleasure, but she moaned, even more, she sat with her anal hole on the black Deadshot pin. Realizing that he needed a beauty, a black man laid her on the table and alternated the usual penetration into the vagina with a fucking ass. When Deadshot was on the verge, he forced the Japanese boughs to lick his balls until a thin white jet flew straight out of the head of his penis directly onto the superhero’s white mask. Thanks to the loud groans of the superheroine, a couple eventually found their friends.


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