Kacy Lane gets drilled by a driver right in the bus

To pay his loans off, a middle-aged man worked as a bus driver. His job was to transport violent high school students who could have studied in college for a long time, but they are already 18 years old. Because of poor schooling, they had to stay in the second year and attend school. The only thing that the peasant liked in his work was the opportunity to watch sexy young girls in their most crazy years. Once he noticed as one of the high school students, namely Kacy Lane looked at him. The girl was the quietest among this crowd, but the driver did not even know what she really was. The girl left the bus last, and the driver decided to talk with her a little. At one point, the girl approached the driver closer and began to flirt with him. The man was not averse to fucking a young beauty. Putting her on his lap, the bus driver began stroking Kacy’s tits and kissing her neck. Not afraid to be late for classes, right in the bus the baby sank lower and began to suck the driver’s cock. After that she let him fuck her student wet pussy. The bus driver with great joy whacked a sweet girl and ended on her face, because at his age it was so difficult to find such a young partner.


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