Josie Jagger cheers up her teacher by a fuck

It was not the first week when Josie Jagger went to her teacher of the algebra Jonny Castle for additional classes. That time the student saw how an angry teacher walked into the office and blowed all the items off the table. Mr. Castle did not think that at that moment the girl was sitting in the class and saw the whole hysterics. He was a little ashamed of his actions, because he talked a lot about his boss. The girl decided to rest it a little. Baby Josie decided to do a relaxing massage directly with her mouth and pussy, but the teacher warned the girl that such behavior is prohibited. However, the touch of the young and sexy Josie and her attempt to raise her skirt was pretty much aroused by the teacher, and he himself wanted wild sex. The student happily spread her legs and invited a sturdy member of the teacher into her shaved pussy right on his desk. The boy happily climbed to the girl under the skirt with her tongue, licking all her slits and a delicious clitoris. Before sticking his trunk, the teacher did a good job with his boys in the pussy student. After a blowjob from a girl, a sweaty teacher with great pleasure fucked this whore in his classroom, and then “splashed out” his anger in the mouth of a slim brunette.


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