Interracial sex of red-haired bar administrator Bianca

Bianca Resa worked as a bar manager in an expensive elite hotel in the tropics. When the bar closed and the waiters were already going home, she had to distribute the drinks to the guests. But the girl was in joy, because working in a luxury hotel, she could always find herself an overwork for the night. Of course, she was officially forbidden to have sex with guests, but after her shift the girl always did what she wanted. Almost at dusk the mulatto Stallion came to rest on the terrace – just where our beautiful Bianca Risa worked. Observing the red-haired administrator, he decided to seduce her directly. Tired of the work and the lack of real male attention, the woman succumbed to the charms of the young charming handsome man. Sitting down to the Stallion on the chaise lounge, the administrator allowed him to kiss him for free and unbutton his blouse. The impudent guy immediately climbed into the bra of the girl, but this insistence liked Bianca Resa. Picking up her skirt, the girl gave the guy her pussy, and then she took out his long black penis from the shorts and started licking it. Bianca Resa settled on a chaise longue up the ass and took a huge penis of mulatto in her pussy. It was the girl’s first interracial sex, so she could not stop and fucked with the guy almost until sunset.


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