Harley Quinn and Joker cheated Batman

Harley Quinn, along with his beloved Joker decided to hide from the pursuit of Batman, where no one would have found them. They went down the drain, but Batman, with the help of this technology, quickly determined their location. Joker excited that his crazy Harley Quinn was going through all the difficulties with him and with a slight movement of his hand stroked her pussy. At this very moment, Batman appeared from nowhere. Joker decided to agree and offered him his crazy beauty, to which Batman refused. The couple joked about him, and Harley Quinn suggested that he could just masturbate. These words offended the man in black and he decided to prove the opposite to the blonde. While Harley Quinn was kissing with Batman, the Joker stroked her ass from behind. Taking out the penis out of the pants, the superheroes took turns poking them into the mouth of Harley Quinn. Bending the blonde with her mouth to the penis of her beloved Joker, Batman stuck his instrument in her pussy and fucked her so deep that his eggs clicked over her wet sex lips. Then Harley Quinn set her vagina to the Joker, but when Batman wanted to fuck her in the ass – she immediately freed up the place for his penis. The guys beautifully ended up in the face of whores. This sex knocked Batman out of the rut and cunning criminals again managed to escape.


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