Girl covered latex is severely punished by her mistress

Owner asked her parlourmaind to be always wearied on latex clothes. She was very strange woman and had a lot of strange rules. Latex clothes very seduced her because by nature she is mistress. Maidservant obediently fulfills all the orders of the owner because woman had real power on her. One day during the daily cleaning mistress very excited and decided to punish her slave in sexual clothes. Mistress knew that girl was distracted from her work and laid on the bed without asking. So, our domineering woman became very angry. She went in the room with lash in her hands and began to beat a slave by it. The obedient beautiful girl performed all the visits of a malicious mature mistress, but all the same was hard punished. However, she really loved it because she understood that she was a hard-headed for matter. Our parlourmaind had a lot of BDSM fantasies of having hard sex with her owner. She loved to feel the power on her from sexual and beautiful woman. So, they could help each other in everything. So, both girls were satisfied by this situation. Mistress had very obedient slave who is very beautiful. And parlourmaind girl had work that she really loved sexual lesbian mistress.


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