Fitness trainer raped a thin Russian beauty

A young Russian lady Stefanie was going to the fitness club, soon there will be summer so she wants to look perfect. Stefanie enrolled in classes to the young trainer. He would be her personal coach and she has not even thought that he will fuck her. It was a casual training lesson, but everything changed when the coach decided to touch her nice ass. From a tender body, the coach got very excited and decided to rape Stefanie. The coach forcibly pulled off the pants from the girl and began to lick her sweet pussy then he took out his stiff dick out and roughly put it into the mouth of his student. The girl had no choose to obey the young coach, because she couldn’t do something with that. She tried to resist but all attempts were unsuccessful. After that, the girl started blowjob. The coach shoved his huge dick straight into her pink pussy in all kinds of different poses and raped Russian beauty. At one point the girl had forgotten that she has been raped, because the coach was a master of his job and really good in sex. Moreover, the girl was always wondering to have sex with him, but she has not even thought that it would be like that.


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