Fella fucked hard his own slave in dirty basement

Young babe lost a bet, slavery day, to her old friend but babe couldn’t even think that he will be fucked so damn hard in all her holes in one hour. Girl didn’t know about man’s predilections and was very astonished when he locked her in basement and started removing all her clothes. Beautiful Gina Valentina couldn’t do anything, because she accepted this one-day-slavery and this day she will never forget. Tommy Pistol chained pretty girl and started slapping her with whip on her rosy pussy. But it was only the beginning, because when fella went a little crazy, his babe was almost crying because he fucked her pretty hard with different stuff. He was almost forcibly putting his dick in her tender mouth. Afterwards he rushed on her pussy. Rude fella literally put the whole hand into her little pussy, after it he started fucking this babe hard with dick. Babe was just praying him to stop these tortures, but he can do this only when he finished up. After long and very hard sex, fella finally ended up on girl’s face and only after this, he set her free of this sexual slavery. Beautiful Gina will never forget this day and feelings, which she experienced during sex. However, in truth, she have got an ocean of satisfaction and tornado of emotions that will be hard enough to outdo whenever.


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