Cute slender girl got massage and had sex with a guy

On the screen is a tiny, appetizing Kristen Scott. This girl worked all the week long and in theory should get a well-deserved rest. And how do you think, what was her desire? Kristen wanted a passionate massage, so she turned to her old friend to turn this day into a fairy tale. But her friend as it turns out does not simple massages. The guy entered the room and saw that the beauty was already prepared and lay on the bed. He began to massage her tender body, and a little later he took out a special oil and began to pour every part of her body. The oil did not end here, long fingers of the guy who could become a dream of any girl went into the course. He ran his fingers through Kristen’s panties and became very active pulling at her. Neither passed the moment, as his playful tongue began to cling to her pussy. The girl was in seventh heaven because of happiness, because such a sexy guy does cunnilingus and even on a professional level. Time has come for the penis. The masseur threw the girl’s panties away and started fucking her. The girl was very lucky seducer, she and the massage got and fucked hopping. There would be more such masseurs for girls.


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