Cowboy dominates two cheeky girls in dirty motel

Real Texan cowboy has a problem: his car is broken and he has to wait another car to stop to help him, because now he is in the middle of nowhere in the desert, where cars go not very often. But the guy was lucky today: very cool car stopped and beautiful blonde came from it. They talked a little and while they were talking, sexy Asian girl came to them on the motorbike. Both girls decided to rent a cheap room in the nearest motel to help the boy, and all three went there. In the motel the girls showed the boy, that they help him only if he fucks both of them. So the boy had to take off his jeans and give his cock horny beauties. They sucked by turns and hardly shared his cock and the guy understood that he must to fuck them very well. So he began to fuck blonde’s pussy and the brunette were kissing the blonde while he fucked her. Then he worked with Asian pussy and fucked her hard and properly. Blonde helped him and fingered brunette’s ass to prepare her to next actions. Then the boy decided not to fuck only pussies, he wanted to revenge and fuck their assholes too! So he fucked their anals too and quitted into


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