Chick agreed to make a home video with stepfather

One day Sara Luvv decided to try on the shirt of her stepfather, because she liked his smell very much. She was sure that she is alone at home, and didn’t noticed that her stepfather James watched at her from the corner. When James saw her, he understood at once, that his cute stepdaughter wanted him very badly. She was wearing only his white shirt at this moment and her beautiful tits and perfect sporty butt was naked completely. When she saw James, she was frightened, she begged him not to tell about this her mother and her stepfather recorded her plea on the camera. Then he touched girl’s tits and Sara understood that he wanted her. She started to suck her daddy’s dick and James liked it very much. Then she sat at his cock and fucked her daddy. She was so excited that was talking all the time about how sexy James’ cock is and how good is feeling that he is inside her cunt at last. After it her stepfather put her on the bed and fucked this little chick very hard, and she was holding her legs to let his cock deep inside her. When he felt that soon enough he quit, he take out his dick and finished into the Sara’s mouth with much sperm.


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