Bald guy fucked his wife’s cute friend in the kitchen

Sexy beauty Holly Michaels went to her best friend to celebrate her birthday. After celebration her friend didn’t want to wake up early, so pretty Holly was left to herself in a huge house. She went to the kitchen and had breakfast. Suddenly her friend’s husband came to the kitchen. They had a nice chat and Holly felt strange feeling to the guy. Her body was completely turned on and she felt that she was wet between her legs. Her nipples became hard and she understood, that the guy couldn’t help noticing that. Then she decided to take a risk. She kissed the handsome guy and he reciprocated her without any thoughts about his wife. At the next moment he was lying on the kitchen table and her friend’s husband licked her cunt. Then after good work the girl took his cock in her mouth and did him amazing blowjob. After that the guy was ready to fuck the babe and he put her on the kitchen table and thrusted his cock into her pussy. But it wasn’t enough for him and after good fucking in the kitchen he invited the girl in the bedroom. He put his cock in her ass there and worked with her asshole really good. The girl got many orgasms and even squirted! The guy was satisfied too.


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