Bald guy caught and fucked his first Pokémon

Arriving home, a bald guy once again caught his brother for capturing Pokémons on his mobile phone. He was very angry, because that dude did not fulfill his promise to turn out the house. Having withdrew the freaking mobile, the guy went to the kitchen. Throwing the phone on the counter he began to wash the dishes when the phone made strange noises. The man decided to turn off the sound, but as it turned out right outside the window Pikachu appeared – the rarest of the Pokémons. The guy decided to relax like his brother did and tried to catch him. Following the geolocation of the Pokémon by the phone, the bald man found a footprint, but he could not catch. Returning home, the guy saw a yellow mischief and immediately caught him. Hearing that the guy wants to train – Pikachu unbuttoned his suit. Underneath it was a sexy girl Freya Von Doom with a hairy pussy who was not against proving her devotion to the new master. The guy took out his long dick and gave it to Freya Von Doom, who equipped with her tongue, and then sat down on him with her hairy pussy and screamed “peak-peak.” This game so excited a bald guy that he continued to fuck Pikachu after he had finished into her mouth. In the second approach, the man pulled Freya Von Doom, lying on the couch, and then spermed the pikachu with his peak-semen. Having learned all the delights of the game, the guy realized why his brother spent the day playing it.


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