A shy girl found a job and a big wheel

The Latin American girl found a job in the salon, where she was supposed to help the owner, who also worked as a massage therapist. Her job was to prepare the salon for coming visitors and to do a relaxing massage. In order to teach the girl exactly what should be done, the man decided to demonstrate her the procedure of erotic massage personally, teaching her the peculiarities of work in his salon. The girl did not know that she would have to massage not only with her hands, but also with her pussy. When the owner lay down on the couch to see what his new masseuse knows, he was very excited: the Latin had beautiful shapes and her hands were exceptionally tender. When his cock got up, he hastened to put the girl herself on the couch to bring her in. After removing his shorts, he did an erotic massage, and then completely put the penis into that chocolate pussy. Having received real pleasure, the girl gave the owner of the salon, thereby increasing the chances of finding a job. After sex from above, the girl took his cock in her mouth and brought the guy to orgasm blowjob. After this, he immediately issued all the documents to have a chance to fuck the chocolate girl after working shifts.


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